As a college preparatory D.A.N.C.E camp we prepare high school students for college. We primarily build writing and critical thinking skills in relation to five principles:Dance, Awareness, Nutrition, Creativity, and Empowerment.These five tenets at the college prep camp are designed to nurture collegiate skills and encourage participants to academically excel as creative, health conscious, and socially insightful college students. The five camp principles, which assemble the acronym D.A.N.C.E, are mutually reinforced by courses that make up a one week residential summer program at Colgate University.
Dance is used at the D.A.N.C.E camp to accompany the writing process, facilitate college preparatory lessons, and stimulate creative contemplation about our surroundings. Students will engage a variety of dance styles and movements in order to explore sustainability and human rights topics.
Students will cultivate college-level skills in critical thinking and reading as they increase their awareness for the types of daily messages that surround them in visible and invisible ways. We will encourage students to read everyday messages distributed through various mediums as authored and carefully packaged positions that can and should be actively deconstructed. Course readings and assignments will assist students in developing societal competence along with foundational college writing skills.
At the college prep D.A.N.C.E camp, all aspects of a student -physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental- are interdependently integral to successful college preparedness. In addition to receiving information about general physical nutrition, students will participate in ecological and self-reflection, tonal contemplation, movement meditations, and other activities designed to nourish and balance students in holistic ways.
There are many popularized artworks that surround us through everyday printed visual and audio media. Is it possible for the messages behind these mediums to connect more deeply to improving our world? At the college prep D.A.N.C.E camp we investigate this question by motivating students to creatively imagine how their personal writing and current popular forms of art and media can better serve the needs of humanity and the earth.
To be informed is to be empowered! We promote a climate of reflection about personal habits as they connect to social conditioning and systemic structures of power and privilege in order to empower students to make informed decisions dedicated to interlinked personal, societal, and ecological well-being.
There are many advantages to attending the College Prep D.A.N.C.E camp at Colgate. Still, the most obvious benefit is the location. Colgate University’s campus has been described by the Princeton Review as “America’s most beautiful.” Campers will have opportunities to connect with the magnificence of nature as they are stimulated intellectually, physically, and characteristically in a salubrious college environment.
Students will be housed in university residence halls for the duration of the program in order to give them a taste of college living. The residence hall occupied by students will include community bathrooms, common areas, and study rooms. Students will enjoy meals at Colgate’s Frank Dining Hall which has a diverse menu designed to satisfy all participants.
We provide a creative environment for academic preparedness at the D.A.N.C.E camp. Academic preparedness that is anchored in creativity and goals to uplift the health of self and humanity can ignite meaningful visions and action steps toward a healthier shared future. Students who are creatively encouraged to embrace the importance of human rights and articulate themselves as connected to larger human conditions are empowered to question and engage the world to make it better. The D.A.N.C.E camp provides tools for academic excellence that will enable students to be innovative scholars and troubleshooters in college and beyond.
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